Tuesday, July 25, 2006

E's Sweet-Smellin' Crainium

This is one I've forgotten to post for awhile, but it definitely deserves to be captured for posterity's sake...

Our family goes to the chiropractor every week (I know, we're addicts, but hey, it rocks!)Driving home in the family hooptie after one of these visits, I looked back and noticed that E was still holding his 2 strawberry flavored fish oil capsules that Dr. M gives to the kids when they visit. They sound disgusting, but the kids eat 'em like candy (after they get done playing with them--they're round and delightfully squishy!)

Concerned that he would either drop them or squish them out into a gooey mess, I told him, "eat your fish oils, E; they're good for your brain". A few moments later J asked, "hey, what smells good?" to which E replied matter of factly, "it's my brain. I ate my fish oils and they made my brain smell good".

Monday, July 24, 2006

Finally, a Name!

Sparky! That's baby #4's in-utero name. Brian and I heard it the other night and both thought it had promise. Maybe not as gender-neutral as I'd prefer, but it's cute. And no I don't think I'm having a seal, so no jokes, ok?--I'm a hormonal 2nd trimester pregnant lady--beware!

As a postscript... I really miss people. I was gone for 18 days in Indiana, home for 7, and now am up in Lac du Flambeau visiting my dad at his parish. It's just entirely too long for this extrovert to be away from all the awesome friends God has put into my life. Reading your blogs makes me feel not quite so far away, at least. But I'm anxious to get back home soon.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Indiana Uno

Sunrise over Lake Syracuse.
This was the earliest I was up during the 16 days we were there, due to my sister-in-law and my running in the town's annual 5K roadrace. We'd both been training for it, but slacked off recently--her because she got strep throat, me because of goomer #4 and my subsequent inability to get off the mattress in the morning. We ran just over 2 miles before I hit a wall and had to walk. I think Cheryl would have made it. We were the last of the runners, but Cheryl preferred to think of us as the first of the walkers. We both thought they should have a pregnant and nursing mom's category!

More later...