Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ever had a booger flicked in your eye? Yeah, well, that happened to me last week while shopping in Target with my two girls. Little Cait was sitting in the jump seat and must have been doing some extracurricular diggin', cuz without warning, a slimy chunk of goo went straight into my eye.

Not much more I can say about that. Just had to share it with all of you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Almost There

A couple people stopped me tonight at AWANA demanding pictures of the new kitchen on my blog. And since it's been 5 weeks since I posted last, I figured I'd better give some kind of update.

It's been 12 1/2 weeks since we started gutting the kitchen and we are almost there. Two weeks ago we installed the new oven, which has rocked my world. It is so great to be able to cook eggs and boil water for veggies and pasta and even cook a large Papa Murphy's pizza without having to bug one of my neighbors. The countertops were delivered yesterday and will be installed tomorrow morning, Lord willing. And if all goes right, by the end of this week I should have a new sink, faucet, and dishwasher.

I've been learning through this process that things often don't go the way they're supposed to. I can't tell you how many times we've discovered a problem, a mistake, or had dates pushed back for one reason or another. But happily, I've noticed my stress-reaction diminishing as time has gone on. Dare I say I may have learned a bit more patience from this trial? Maybe. I guess I've come to expect the unexpected and know that if there's nothing I can do about it, then there's nothing I can do about it. Best just to be thankful for what I've got and let the other things come. God be praised if he has used this horrendously stressful three months to work in me a little more of his fruit of the Spirit!

So, pictures are coming. I'll probably wait until we've got the floor in and all the paint completed. Then I can post some great before and after shots!