Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bible Time with Ethan

A friend of mine gave me an idea recently to have my kids each sit down with their children's Bibles and have some time in the Word. I had never thought of this idea with such young kids, but thought we could try it. So, yesterday I had them choose a spot in the house (they all chose the living room) to have their "Bible Time". They were to sit quietly to see what God would teach them from his Word.

After a couple of minutes, Ethan started looking at the pictures at the back of his story Bible for inspiration. These were some of the things that he pronounced as biblical instruction: "use encouraging words", "consider others" (so far, so good!), "pet animals carefully" (hmmmm...), and "don't take candy when your mom says to stop".

Aren't kids cool?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Swivel Sweeper and The Trinity?

My eldest (now 7) loves infomercials. Every once in awhile I'll catch him watching one after his cartoon has ended. I'm always quick to tell him to turn it off, but somehow he's managed to virtually memorize the scripts for two, in particular. For instance, I'll be chopping something up for dinner in the kitchen when Jay, coming to see what I'm doing, will inform me that my task would be so much easier if we had the Magic Bullet. "We really should get one," he'll say with absolute sincerity.

I have to admit that I've bought a couple of infomercial products once they've hit the Target/Walmart scene. I'd have to say that the Smart Spin containers with uniform lids are pretty handy. And recently I sprung for the Swivel Sweeper after visiting a friend's house and seeing Jay gleefully sweep her entire house with it. Now my boys fight over using it to sweep my floors (score one for mom!).

This brings me to the title for my post... Jay had just returned from a victorious run of said gizmo and was emptying the removable tray. As he showed me how much he had collected in just a few moments of swiveling and sweeping we began to discuss the merits of our newest contraption. I remarked how much I appreciate not having to bend over and shove stuff into a dustpan. "Yeah," he agreed. "Because the Swivel Sweeper is a vacuum, broom, and dustpan, all in one...kind of like how God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all in one!"

It was one of those moments where you think, Did you really just say what I think you said? and try your darndest not to bust up laughing.

Saturday, May 05, 2007